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Fat Reduction Cavitation

Low-frequency sound waves burst fat cells

All About Our Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments

Low-frequency sound waves burst fat cells causing them to drain and release the fat through the lymphatic system. Treatments are to break down stubborn fat releasing it through the lymphatic system. This process can be done all over your body including butt, back, mid section, hips, thighs and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Non-Invasive and painless

  • Tightens and tones

  • Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces fat to contour targeted areas of the body

  • Lose 1 1/2 to 5 inches instantly

  • Immediate results

  • No downtime

  • 4-8 sessions are recommended

  • Scheduling 3 – 7 days apart

  • Improves and reduces appearance of cellulite 

Excellent customer service skills! Very friendly. The spa is super clean. I will definitely be going back to try other services!!! Love it ALL

~Crystal B.

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